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What is the difference between the membership levels?

Prep School is our free introductory membership.  You will have access to the Prep School Video Library.

Charm School grants access to the Prep School AND Charm School Video Libraries. 

Finishing School is our top tier membership and grants access to Prep School, Charm School and Finishing School Classes.  With your Finishing School membership, you will also have access to the Community and Exclusive Live Events. With a monthly membership, you will also receive free ground shipping on all US orders from With an annual membership, you will receive free ground shipping on all US orders from (shipped to the 48 contiguous states) and 10% off all regular price products.  

How can I unlock access to all of the classes?

Enroll in Finishing School to gain access to all the classes in Prep School, Charm School and Finishing School.

What are the benefits of the annual subscription?

With an annual subscription, you not only receive free ground shipping on all US orders (shipped to the 48 contiguous states), but also receive 10% off regular price products from

Discount cannot be combined with other offers or coupons.  

Free Shipping offer only applies to orders placed and delivered within the 48 contiguous States.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to see you leave, but if you need to cancel your subscription:

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In the event of subscription cancellation, any membership perks (discounts and free shipping) will be terminated immediately.  Please note that your Finishing School access will also terminate immediately.

Sorry, no refunds.  

How many classes are included in each school?

There are currently over 115 videos in our library.

A new Finishing School Course will be released each month.  Every Finishing School Course features 4 separate videos (3 project class videos and 1 inside the project box video).  

New Charm School classes will be added every week.

What will I need to participate in the classes?

Our classes have been designed to support the products that you already own.  You can search the video library by product name to locate classes using specific products.  We have also included links to the products featured in each class.


Can I change my membership level?

In order to change your membership level, you will need to cancel your current membership and subscribe to the new membership plan.